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Helping brands to meet the ever-shifting needs of communities and cultures.

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Grand VAS operates closely with global telecom operators to bring the best value-added services to their users. Our creative and innovative team is constantly creating, distributing and managing mobile entertainment content.

From ring tones to videos, songs and gaming portals, we’re always bringing our partners the best and most enjoyable content through intuitively-designed portals.
Continually enriching our content library to cover all users’ needs such as audio, videos, apps, games, and education.



At Grand Care, our Core Values are what shape our identity and separate us from our competitors. All employees within Grand Care are trained to strictly adhere to our values, to guarantee the best service delivery.

Our successful clients are those looking to transform and expand their business by focusing on what they do best and letting us do the rest. We work to help you understand the situation and guide you toward the best solution to protect your bottom line.
Offering world-class outsourcing services focused on: loss prevention, operations excellence, security health checks, and data entry.



At Grand Entertainment, we help you bring your story and characters to life and give you a chance to see them interact in the world of your story before a single frame has even been recorded.

We provide full-service video and multimedia production. Our experienced in-house creative development and production team’s approach to bringing a cinematic quality to every project we handle is unrivaled.
Grand’s post-production crew is capable of illustrating your complex ideas in a simple, solid visual concept. We’re there to collaborate with you the entire way, from concept development to post-production and delivery. Your project will look and feel just as you envisioned.
Combining creative synergy, the latest tools, dynamic strategies and tested best practices to capture wonder and curiosity for your brand is our business. We’re ready to execute the project in any format, from live-action to digital animation.



Grand Teleservices is a pioneer in the networks infrastructure supply. Working with the worlds best companies in the domain, we ensure our customers are getting all their infrastructure needs fulfilled without going through the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.

Grand Teleservices provides end to end solutions where we ensure to deliver not only the equipment, rather we work hand-in-hand with our customers from assessing needs, recommending best solutions all the way to delivering the final solution including services and civil work.

The customer-centric team is what distinguishes Grand Teleservices from the competition and ensures customer satisfaction.



At Grand Solutions, our developers come from different backgrounds: coding, system architecture, UI/UX design, software testing, etc. This generates unique synergy, as each learns from the other, towards building unique, genuine, smart solutions that best fit our clients’ needs.

We have been developing solutions for over a decade, with collective development experience exceeding 50 years.
Our team is capable of scrutinizing and developing any kind of software to effectively and efficiently achieve your
Grand Solutions is the software development arm of Grand Technology. It serves as a melting pot for many of the region’s most talented developers.



At Grand Networks, we generate valuable insights based on video platform settings accessible exclusively by MCNs. Our team of social media content creators are passionate networkers with vast networks that provide streams of alternate revenue, brand sponsorships, and other forms of monetization.

Our in-house creators provide you access to extensive music and audio effect libraries you can use in your videos. We provide relentless prowess in preserving your content and settling any claims, strikes or attempted takedowns against you. With the strategic help of our in-house marketing team, we consult and collaborate with you on the concept development of new content and the general strategy of your channels.
We optimize your channel for today’s trends. Helping you make the most of your content while also preserving your copyrights.



Grand Stores became the largest distributor of USB Modems in Yemen. Being the exclusive distributors for Huawei and Alcatel EVDO modems, Grand Stores, a division of Grand Technology, has established itself as a pioneer in the industry.

The Sari3 wing of Grand Stores is also an exclusive distributor for Alcatel mobile phones and tablets and partners with major companies including HP, Toshiba and Apple products.
With the addition of the Security & Safety wing, Grand Stores now offers security systems like surveillance cameras, access control systems, and management systems for time & attendance.
Grand Stores expanded into the US market as an official franchise of MetroPCS with 9 stores in the state of Oregon.