Grand Entertainment

Bringing your story and characters to life and giving you a chance to see them interact in the world with the help of

Our Team

Utilizes original art, high-end graphics, motion, writing, storyboards, music, and voice acting bringing stories to life, to make our audience notice, wonder, and follow their curiosity right into the tent.
We’re ready to execute the project in any format, from live-action to digital animation.

Our Vision

To become the leader of the entertainment industry, and one of the top ten Entertainment firms in the region, in terms of size and operations by 2020.

Our Partners

Music Composing Studios

Designed to support day-to-day and urgent production needs.

Accomplished team of composers, musicians & music researchers.

Sound design, mix-mastering & composing to meet all your needs.

Audio Recording Studios

Custom-built for professional sound recording, sound design, VO recording, mix-mastering, dubbing, and more.

Experienced team of acoustic experts to ensure dedicated support.

A studio designed to inspire your creativity.

FM Radio Stations

Highly interactive social, educational & entertainment programs.

The most valuable prizes & competitions in Yemeni broadcasts.

Online integration - listen to it anywhere, anytime.

Game Production

First-class game production and co-production of mobile, cross-platform, social & browser games.

Create games from scratch, or maintain existing projects.

Access to a skilled team of game-development professionals.

Animation, Video & Commercial Production

Utilizing the latest technologies & techniques to provide high-end 2D & 3D animations.

One-stop shop for commercial production,from storyboard writing to final editing.

Experienced team with creative talent and impeccable project management skills.